Which leads me to … 3 Make us care. If you can get your audience emotionally involved in the topic you are halfway to winning.

The two easiest ways to get people to care is to a hitch your thesis topic onto an ongoing community concern there are heaps of these — climate change, crime, health care, education etc social epistemology essay b appeal to their self interest.

Self interest is easier… If your topic is related who has school paper on sale pain management, money saving, identity issues etc you can easily work these self interest reasons into your pitch. Talking about statistics can be 3 minute thesis abstract, but numbers come alive when you give real world comparisons.

I know which sentence would make me want to hear more. Since we are not toddlers we cannot scream for attention, we need to seduce it. A good way is through surprise.

I studied gesture for my PhD and my favourite unexpected fact is that blind people gesture — even when they are on the phone to pay for my essay blind people.

Each of the 42 universities who hand out research degrees in Australia are currently in the 3 minute thesis abstract of choosing finalists to send to University of Queenslandwhere they will compete to see who is the grand champion.

But since you are probably too busy with those papers on global terrorism or particle physics, here are the main points re-purposed for the task at hand: The Heath brothers point out that there is an awful lot of information out there; 3 minute thesis abstract the attention economy of academia means there is less and less time available to make yourself heard. By side stepping your thesis statement and thinking about why it needs to be done, you start to explain why you would bother spending three or more years of your life exploring the topic.

Size and Structure

These reasons will 3 minute thesis abstract interest others too. Humans love a good story — probably because we spent millions of years of sitting around campfires with no TV. A well chosen story can warm up the driest topic. One student studying quantum mechanics and cryptography at RMIT did a pitch which started with a story about what happens when dissertation marquis de sade and third-place winners are eligible to compete.

No slide transitions, animations or on-screen movement of any description are allowed. The slide is to be presented from the beginning of the oration. No additional electronic media e. No additional props e. Presentations are limited to three minutes maximum; competitors exceeding three minutes are disqualified.

Presentations are to be spoken word e. Presentations are to commence from the stage. Presentations are considered to have commenced when a presenter starts their presentation through hongdaokj.com movement or speech.